BCAA OR Creatine – Which One Helps Build Muscle Better?

By Team Muscletrail
10 September, 2022

BCAA and Creatine are both two highly regarded health supplements for athletes who build muscle. To optimize the result of your workouts, taking health supplements is necessary. However, it can be a bit confusing to choose the right supplement for your fitness goals. But should you use one of them or both of them together? Before deciding which one of these is better for you, let us understand what are these:

What are BCAA and Creatine?

BCAA and Creatine are natural health supplements used by athletes to improve their performance and body composition.

BCAA benefits muscle growth by fulfilling the body’s demand for three essential amino acids, leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These Branched Chain Amino Acids can only be found in protein-rich food items like poultry, meat, eggs. To supplement these and get an even further boost, BCAA can be consumed in a powdered or liquid form.

Here are some benefits of using BCAA –

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Boosts endurance during physical effort
  • Fastens recovery & helps with muscle soreness


The other supplement in comparison, Creatine is a byproduct of the amino acids that the body produces. It helps with energy production and retention during high-intensity exercises. It is only slightly different than amino acids but is an important health supplement.

Benefits of using Creatine –

  • Boosts energy production in the body
  • Promotes lean muscle
  • Helps in muscle recovery post-workout

BCAA and Creatine both have their health benefits, especially for people who require additional nutrition besides diet. So, which one is right for you?

Which one is Right for me?

To determine what you should intake - BCAA, Creatine, or both, you need to analyze your fitness goals. Based on these criteria, you will be able to determine whether BCAA is right for you or Creatine. To give you a simple understanding, if your fitness regime involves more endurance play, you should involve BCAA in your diet. And if your workouts are more about power-intensity, you should go for Creatine. Let me give you a break up of the factors that influence whether you should opt for any of the two supplements -

The Diet You Take - How you’re able to meet your protein needs is an important factor to consider while choosing between these two health supplements. Protein is important for building muscle. If your diet is sufficient for your protein requirements, you may not require BCAA for additional protein. However, if your high protein needs are unable to be met by diet only, BCAA would be of great help to you.

Your Personal Fitness Goals - Your personal fitness goals matter for choosing between the two supplements. If you want lean mass while cutting fat, BCAA is again a great choice. But if you want to bulk up while working on strength, Creatine might be more useful to you. 


Is that All I Need to Know?

Whatever supplement you choose, based on your preference, fitness goals, and diet, make sure it is made in a hygienic manner. Muscle Trail takes hygiene standards seriously and it reflects in its carefully packed products that have three-layer secure packaging.

BCAA and Creatine are both helpful in improving body composition and muscle building. It is important to understand how these supplements work in accordance with the lifestyle you follow, the diet you take, and the fitness regime you have. This will help you make a better, informed decision that will benefit you to the fullest.

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