Perfect Muscle-Building Meals

By Team Muscletrail
10 September, 2022

Building muscles, as misunderstood by a majority of fitness enthusiasts and beginners, is not all about lifting heavy weights and doing excessive workouts. It involves an appropriate composition of healthy diets, meals that contribute to the size of your muscles, nutrition that heals you after a heavy workout, and vitamins and minerals that assist in the process of bodybuilding.

Experts say that what you do outside the gym, is what makes the majority of your body. That’s the prime reason why it is important to have protein and other nutrient-rich foods in your diet. Hence, in order to reap the most out of your workouts, it is necessary to lay an emphasis on your diet as eating junk and fast food will only lead to doing more harm to your body than good.


During the bulking phase in an athlete’s bulking journey, they require a diet that is significantly high in protein with an aim to build muscles while losing fat. In this article, Muscle Trail has shortlisted the top 5 meals that contribute significantly to your muscle-building process and provide your body with the nutrition that it requires.

Top 5 Muscle-Building Meals

High-Calorie Breakfast

As said, breakfast is the most important meal of our day and hence, it needs to be healthy. Add Spirulina, blue-green algae with a protein concentration nearing 70%, even higher than meat and dairy. Combine this calorie-packed breakfast with a banana and a scoop of whey protein from the wide range of proteins offered by Muscle Trail to reap the maximum benefits of the workout. In case you are strict on fats and calories, you can eliminate bananas and even use Spirulina powder with your protein shake to pack your breakfast with nutrition.

Legume-based Pasta Lunch

Experts and even experienced bodybuilders recommend having Legume for notable muscle building as it is loaded with plant proteins and other essential nutrients. Being acting as a rich source of nutrition, you will feel like an energy powerhouse after consuming it. Go for 1-2 cups of Legumes and for added taste, combine it with 1-2 cups of pasta and some broccoli to ensure you are not going out of your diet plan. This meal will enrich your body and make it ready for the next workout to break your muscles and feel energized.

Carbs-Protein Combined Dinner

For dinner, you can have Sushi and a yam nurtured with some peas, corn, and carrots to add to the taste of your meal. Other meals that have higher protein levels are quinoa and whole wheat pasta. The growth of insulin in the blood contributes to an environment in our body that ultimately leads to muscle building. Hence, the combination of carbohydrates and protein is necessary for muscle growth. Moreover, yams, being a slow-digesting food, help in creating this kind of environment in our body while quinoa nourishes the muscles with Multi Vitamin.

Pre-Workout Ammunition Snack

Before going to work out, our body requires nutrients that can assist in delaying muscle breakdown. Combine a cut of fat-free cottage cheese with 3-4 slices of toast made of Rye bread and some grape jam to add to the taste of your pre-workout meal. Here, talking about the individual roles of constituents of this pre-workout meal, the grape jam consists of sugar that spikes the insulin levels, Rye bread is a slow-burning source of carbs, and cottage cheese gives protein to prevent muscle breakdown.

To gain the maximum benefits from this meal, it is advised to combine this meal with the Muscle Trail pre-workout and notice the significant pump in your workout when you are loaded with energy.

Post-Workout Muscle Healing Snack

This is the time when your muscle demands attention in terms of protein as they are broken due to heavy workouts and are required to be healed. Grab two scoops of Muscle Trail Whey Protein and mix it with water to form a protein-loaded shake. For the meal to consume after a heavy and muscle-breaking workout, add 1 cup full of rice along with some raisins in your diet and let the best nutrition take care of your muscles.

Whey protein offered by Muscle Trail is home to essential amino acids and the meal that we just mentioned just stimulates the carbs that further spikes insulin for muscle recovery. Apart from this, you can also have a peanut butter sandwich served with Greek yogurt.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the Muscle Trail Casein Protein formula, when consumed before going to bed, will significantly add to the muscle recovery process because it is a slow-digesting protein.

Why Muscle Trail?

Muscle Trail is on a mission to make people aware of the benefits and necessities to lead a healthy life while delivering all sorts of required information and products that you need to achieve the goal. However, we believe a good body should be achieved while maintaining a balance between a diet full of nutrients and protein, and a diet that satisfies your taste buds too. Discipline is undoubtedly the key to a perfect physique, but utilizing the goodness of meals with some added taste, controlled carbs, and increased vitamins is not bad.

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