5 Physique-Friendly Recipes for the Grill

By Team Muscletrail
10 September, 2022

Oh we know you have been working out the hardest you can in order to achieve that chiseled and fat-free beach body to feel comfortable and confident without having to put your shirts on. Well, it is always hard to continue cutting on carbs and having a protein-rich diet without satisfying the taste and desires of your tongue. What if we tell you about some dishes, and rather we should specifically mention, some recipes for the grill, that you can have to contribute to your workout routine and add to your protein diet? It would be great right?

Here we have brought you a healthy article to boost your healthy eating habits and consistency while maintaining the taste and desires of your tongue.

Who does not love barbecue? A quick way to get your food ready to be delivered without leaving a bunch of dishes and sacrificing the taste of the food. What’s notable about grilling is that it is considered one of the leanest ways to cook meat and bring wholesome flavor-rich food to your table.


In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 mouth-watering, appetizing, nutritive, and wholesome recipes for the grill that you can follow in order to have a diet that is comparatively low in carbs and significantly high in protein. Excited to know? Let’s fire up the grill.

Top Muscle-building Recipes for the Grill

Bean Burgers Combined With Peach Butter Leaf Salad

Bean Burgers that consist of pulses like peas, beans, and chickpeas are undoubtedly one of the best sources of protein and are loaded with veggies that are rich in protein, they are a perfect ingredient to support your lean muscle-building diet and routine. The presence of lettuce in your food will ensure that your diet is equipped with the appropriate nutrients like vitamins and minerals while being nurtured by the flavors and sweetness of honey and peach respectively

Tofu Served With Onion and Mushroom Arugula Salad

Having taken its inspiration from Asia, this particular recipe is perfect for those individuals looking for a barbecue diet that is really high in protein. Tofu is certainly loaded with proteins and contains the same amount of it as 3oz of chicken, making it probably the best vegetarian alternative to chicken. The presence of arugula in this recipe will make sure to deliver enough vitamins, specifically Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Calcium, Potassium, and Folate. Talking about the taste, if you are ready to go all wet in your mouth while grilling something, this is it.

Pear, Walnut, and Kale Grilled Salad

Walnuts are home to healthy fats and we all have heard it from our parents and grandparents all our life, pack the goodness of walnuts with the carbohydrates extracted from the pear and amalgamate them with the flooding vitamins reaped from kale. Being one of the richest sources of Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C, kale provides your body with a lot of nutrients and minerals that it requires to stay physically fit. Combine all of this with some lean protein and boom! You are ready with a grilled source of body-building material.

Cheese Kabobs and Casein-Rich Curry

Cheese is though packed with some fats and carbs in them, they do provide us with 12g of protein and serve great importance in contributing to a healthy, protein-rich, and delicious diet plan. If you are looking for a diet that is healthy and really high in protein, cheese kabobs are something you should not dare to miss. Add some Greek yogurt to the cheese kabobs and grill them to amalgamate the goodness of casein protein with the anti-inflammatory properties possessed by the curry. Enjoy the meal with some cucumber salad and from the next time, you won’t be able to say that eating vegetarian and healthy is not tasty.

Cherry Tomatoes With Quesadillas

Ohh this must have already triggered your imagination of having a Mexican staple on Sundays with your friends and family. We just can not deny the fact that the bean and cheese quesadillas are the diet we all crave. Apart from the taste of this recipe, it is undoubtedly one of the best sources of protein and considerably the finest source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals due to the presence of whole grains. Grill it with some cherry tomatoes and garnish it with your favorite and preferred herb toppings to make the best out of this delicious and healthy food.

Bonus Recipe

Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms are easy to grill and are home to ample amounts of protein. Welcome some crispy and incredible flavor all combined with paprika, onion, garlic, black pepper, and salt. After the completion of the heating process, squeeze some fresh lemon over the mushrooms before having them on your plates. Add some green cabbage, red onion, celery, sliced thinly carrots, and grated coconut-Cashew Marinade to complete the recipe.

All the recipes mentioned above have been providing the physique enthusiasts with the best quality nutrition while allowing them to nurture the taste of their tongues. There are a lot of other options that you can try and have grilled to serve your nutritional as well as tasteful desires.

Stay tuned with Muscle Trail and you will unleash access to the most appropriate and important knowledge and information required throughout your fitness journey. We have got you covered with the exercises, training, and nutrition to attain your desired physique.

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